For Dad.

In the Aegean,
life’s worth being.
In the Aegean,
the saints  keep you believing.
You will know all that is divine.

In the Aegean,
I saw a dolphin
from my uncle’s front porch;
it was my childhood vision.
That dolphin jumped and I got high.

In the Aegean,
you can smell charred octopi
floating on the bluest tide;
squeeze a lemon on your appetite.
The squid are dripping from the clotheslines.

In the Aegean,
Telemachos milks the goats,
checks if there’s an egg to coax,
before he tends to the fishing boat.
His cats all follow him to the sea.

In the Aegean,
you can take a nap at one,
take the time to be in love,
and swim under the ancient sun.
Join hands and dance all through the night.

In the Aegean,
I saw my father cry,
calling for his mother’s ghost,
like she got lost over the Turkish coast.
His mother died when he was five.
They were so poor, but he survived,
in the Aegean.